01 - Conor Anderson from Dialects

The best advice anyone has ever given me is to “just begin”. I’ve been ruminating over starting a podcast for the best part of a year, so here we are with The Curator Podcast. It’s hard to get over the general dislike of my own voice, I hope you guys don’t share a similar opinion. Otherwise there might be some… trouble.

I thought that for the first episode I’d interview someone I know and basically someone who isn’t short of an opinion or two. It worked out pretty well, and the result was a pretty interesting and engaging chat with a really nice guy.

Now that I’ve done a few interviews for this podcast, it seems to me that a lot of musicians are opinionated. It’s definitely not a bad thing, and I’m also a musician myself so perhaps it’s part of our DNA?

Also, doing interviews in tour vans is probably gonna be the norm for this podcast.

Conor’s band, Dialects, recently released their debut EP...

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