(Rebroadcast) Episode 33 - Justine Jones from Employed to Serve

Real talk: I'm ill. And because I'm ill, I've been a little slack in putting together some interviews. You'll probably be able to tell when you listen to the start of this episode.I've been listening to the new Employed to Serve album a lot lately. It's really very good. They're about to head out on tour with Milk Teeth and Wallflower and I thought hey, this would be a perfect time to do a quick flashback to when I interviewed Justine. The band have come on a lot since this interview was first broadcast, touring an absolute boatload, playing festivals and releasing the frankly wonderful album 'The Warmth of a Dying Sun'.I had a lot of fun doing this interview, and it's actually still pretty good. I hope you enjoy it.(Originally broadcast on January 22nd 2016)It can sometimes be stressful when trying to arrange interviews. Some people are funny about doing podcasts. Some people feel that doing a “wee” thing, like an interview for this podcast, isn’t a particularly good use of their time. I think both of these things are fair enough. If you’re going to get interviewed by The Guardian or Kerrang! Magazine then it makes way more sense to do that than it does to do this.Plus, it’s not like I’ll ever get Dave Grohl or something on here, is it?Obviously it’s more irritating when someone just doesn’t like doing podcast interviews, yet it just reminds me how lucky I’ve been to talk to some of the people I’ve spoken to;  people who have reputations for being choosey about what they do have chosen to speak to me, and that’s very cool.I suppose what I’m getting at is that I’m still super thankful for people taking time out of their day to have a chat with me. And even more thankful to you guys for sticking with me.BUT HOW DOES THIS RELATE TO THIS WEEK’S EPISODE?! Well, I had some issues trying to book guests this week and then two came along at once. Only, both came along at the end of the week. My original intention was to interview Justine, get home, edit it and upload it, then get it out into your ears by 11.59pm on Thursday. Sadly, that didn’t happen.So, I’m sorry for being a little late. Nothing pains me more than being late. Seriously.What transpired though was a really good interview, and I think it’s worth waiting a little longer for. Employed to Serve are a mathy hardcore band of the kind I find myself increasingly drawn to as I grow older, and it was awesome to speak to another woman for this podcast when I’ve been struggling to find people to come on.Highlights include:Wetherspoons and beerRider beers and general drinking on tourWhen Justine realised she was creativeAnd when she realised she wanted to be in a bandSome influences in ETS’ soundDeftones and musical evolutionWhy math-type music is perhaps getting more popular than beforeSexism in the music industryOur favourite albums of last yearSometimes the best parts of the conversation happen after you switch off the microphone, and you’ll just need to take my word for it when I say that we say we continued chatting after I stopped recording.ETS are a band that is only going to grow, in my opinion, and I’m glad I got a chance to speak to Justine before they get even bigger. They absolutely nailed it at the show later that night and I highly recommend getting along to see them if you can.Oh, and I’m sorry for the drunken story ramble at the end. I’m not perfect. Sometimes I’m prone to flights of fancy.I hope you enjoy the episode.

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