Ep025 "Most Anticipated Films of 2020 and The Royals Face Racism"

In our FIRST episode of the year episode, we discuss the films we are most looking forward to in 2020.

Yes, we know it's mid-January, but we have opinions too! From the major blockbusters to lesser known indie films, here are the few films that we are excited to see in the next twelve months.

Let us know what if you agree with our choices or if there are any films you think we've overlooked.

We also discuss a topic that was trending on social media over the last few weeks; Harry and Meghan renouncing their royal positions (titles, royal duties and public funds) - mainly due to the intrusive and racist media in the UK - to become private citizens, how the media got it SO WRONG, why supporting the couple and why we're SO tired of well-meaning educated and high-profile POC "debating" their existence and having to "prove" racism to those who just DO NOT want to acknowledge it, and saying IT'S ENOUGH.

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