England v India - Series Review - And T20 World Cup Squad Reaction

England v India has wrapped up as a 2-1 India win, or a 2-2 draw, or it hasn't wrapped up yet and they will play the final Test next year. The boys discuss this, revisit their (reasonably accurate) predictions, and talk about the deciding factors that lead to India's success. Lots of praise for Rohit Sharma, even more for Jasprit Bumrah, and an acknowledgement that Ollie Robinson did a good job. The boys also pick their combined XI from the series, does Bairstow make the cut?

In part 2 (36.35) they move on to the T20 World Cup squads. Having already covered England and India it is time to chat about the other teams playing at the tournament. Who has god a decent chance? Who has blown their selection? And should Afghanistan be allowed to play?

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