England vs India 5th Test Preview and India's T20 World Cup Squad Reaction - Kohli's chance for a triple crown?

England v India reaches its conclusion with England battling for a respectful draw and Virat Kohli has the opportunity to score the first goal in his potential captain's hat-trick of an overseas series win over England, RCB's IPL crown and India's world cup win. 

We preview the final test at Old Trafford, asking if both teams finally decide to play two spinners (come on Virat, play Ashwin!), if Jonny Bairstow is more important to England than the Pope, will Joe Root continue to run Robinson and Anderson into the ground? We also wonder if this is the end of the line for Rahane and its the beginning of the Jadeja, Pant, Ashwin and Thakur middle-order extravaganza. 

India have named their T20 World Cup squad which includes big news. KL Rahul the ball eater is in, Kohli is captain and Ashwin is back after a 4 year absence. Check out our reaction to it now!

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