England v India Fifth Test CANCELLED - Is someone to blame? What happens next? AND Our Reaction To England's World Cup Squad!

England's final Test of the summer against India has been cancelled. The teams were scheduled to face off in a fifth Test, with England having the chance of levelling the series, and India shooting for a 3-1 win. Unfortunately a COVID outbreak among the Indian coaching and support staff meant that the players were unwilling to play. 

Jack Hope and Nakul Pande discuss the fallout from this. Is anyone at fault? Will the match be replayed? Was it the fault of the IPL?

In among that carnage Yorkshire also chose to release their findings from their enquiry into racism at the club. Nakul explains that situaiton and what the potential implications are for those involved.

England have named their squad for the 2021 T20 World Cup, in the UAE in October. There were few surprises, although they have decided to go with only one specialist spinner. Wood, Woakes, Curran or Willey will need to cover two of the seam bowling positions. And there will be questions about their best batting order?

Will England regret not picking another spinner? Do they have other weaknesses? Is this a good squad?

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