How the ECB Should Respond to the BCCI - Darren Stevens SMASHES 190! - Our Old Man XI

The Cricket Podcast Boys get together to talk about the big cricket news stories of the week. First up they discuss the BCCI's request to reschedule the summer's Test series against England. How should the ECB respond? Could this be an opportunity to get Indian players involved in The Hundred?

Then they go on to discuss the County Championship. Approaching the end of the first leg of the competition, holders Essex look like they may not qualify for the top division. Meanwhile 45 year old Darren Stevens smashed 190, including 15 sixes, in Kent's draw v Glamorgan.

In part two, the boys name their Old Man XI, featuring contemporary old duffers, old duffers from the past, and old duffers who weren't actually old duffers, but just looked like old duffers. 

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