Ep 76: India v Australia- Third Test and New Zealand Dominate

On the latest episode of The Cricket Podcast Jack, Ross and Max go into detail about a load of goings on with the Indian cricket team. Rohit has arrived, and promptly been caught in a Chinese restaurant, another new fast bowler will make their debut in Sydney and Warner's groin isn't moving like it should. Who do the boys think will win the third Test?

In part two the fellas eulogise about the brilliance of the New Zealand cricket team, surely the best team in the world? Kyle Jamieson is a freak and Williamson has done some Williamson. They also go over South Africa's home win versus Sri Lanka and what that means for England. 

Finally, Max has some tidbits to share about England, Moeen has tested positive for COVID and the team are in quarantine, Buttler has the gloves for the series, and we're all going to have to subscribe to Disney's streamin service.

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