Ep 83: India v England Third Test & the 2021 IPL Auction's Winners and Losers

India v England and the IPL Auction were the big topics in the cricket world this week and the boys (Jack, Ross, and Max) get stuck into both on this episode. In addition, they are joined for this episode by Nakul Pande, a regular broadcaster with Guerilla Cricket. 

Part one (5 mins in) covers India v England. This Test will take place under lights at a new stadium, will this bring the seamers into the game? There are also going to be some big selection decisions for both sides. Where will Bairstow slot in for England? And will India go with three seamers?

In part two (46 mins), the boys discuss the 2021 IPL Auction. Featuring a run through of all 8 franchises and judgement on whether they thought they were winners or losers. 

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