Ep 82: India THRASH England & IPL Auction Preview

India v England and the IPL auction are the big topics on this week’s episode of The Cricket Podcast. Jack, Ross and Max get together to discuss both topics, in an episode which is effectively two shows in one.

Part one, (from 0:11) covers India v England, starting with a long discussion about the stars of the India team. Rohit Sharma bossed England in the first innings, before Ashwin took over with 8 wickets and a century of his own. England meanwhile looked clueless, can they do anything to bounce back?

The match was also not without controversy, and this is a topic of debate. Will Kohli be banned for the third Test? Why were the umpires so bad? And was the pitch acceptable?

Part 2, (from 1:14) covers the IPL auction. The boys are joined by cricket analyst Dan Weston to talk about the IPL Auction. Featuring an in depth discussion of each team’s needs and who they are likely to bid for at the auction.

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