430 - Lee Kyle

One of the North East’s best-kept comedy secrets, Lee Kyle is a dimpled diamond with a twinkly warmth and bucket-loads of swearing. We talk about focusing on multiple projects and thriving in chaos - plus the downsides of ADHD, and how he wrestles with self-doubt and demotivation. We also discover the origins of NE comedy co-operative incubator “Felt Nowt”, and why the first minute of Lee’s set is purposefully a write-off.

20 mins of extras available exclusively to the Insiders Club, Stu asks the most inappropriate question he’s ever asked, and we discuss the content of Lee’s excellent special “Disco Twix” as he wrestles with gender identity with his unique gentleness. We also discover why 2002 was a great time to be a mediocre comedian, how his mentality has changed regarding sending emails to promoters, and he also sings Stu a song while Stu goes for a wee, which is the mark of a classy guest.

Catch up with Lee:

Lee Kyle’s new show “England’s Best Comedian” is on sale now for his run at the Edinburgh Fringe: https://tickets.edfringe.com/whats-on/lee-kyle-england-s-best-comedian


TW: @imleekyle


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