412 - Bianca Del Rio

Everyone’s favourite “clown in a gown”, Bianca Del Rio is an unstoppable onslaught of insult comedy, swathed in haute couture, and concealing an absolute gem in the form of Roy Haylock, who talks to Stu out of makeup and only occasionally in character…

Currently in the middle of a colossal tour, which drops into the Edinburgh Fringe this week, we talk about the unique crucible of combative performance circumstances that created her; how her surprising attitude to the RuPaul’s Drag Race interviews helped her shine; and how to “eliminate fuckery”. Plus: the secret benefit to doing meet & greets (it’s not the money!), and an astonishing claim not to spend any time at all writing her huge tour shows…

Experience Bianca Del Rio live at the Edinburgh Fringe from 18th Aug!


And find all the tour info you need at:


TW/IG: @thebiancadelrio

Photo credit Matt Crockett

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