410 - Tom Ward

A uniquely nuanced voice in comedy, the riotously imaginative Tom Ward balances gleeful absorption in the creative process and robustly-managed mental health. 

Destined to become a fan favourite, this episode sees Tom sensitively exploring: why comics with certainty make him suspicious; his internal landscape and how he copes with the non-triggered meltdowns occasioned by his Complex PTSD; and how his careful devotion to doing one thing at a time impacts his creativity.

He also uses a burner phone so he can’t get distracted whilst writing… •chef’s kiss•

25 mins of extra content available exclusively to the Insiders Club includes Tom on the therapeutic value of comedy for good or ill; how his stolen Casio beats keep his ambiguity accessible; and the shared desire to write “a joke so good that he doesn’t die alone”.

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IG: @tomwardcomedian


Tom Ward: Anthem plays at Monkey Barrel at The Edinburgh Fringe from 3-28th Aug 2022 @22.25


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