409 - Sean McLoughlin

Barnstorming breakthrough-in-waiting, Sean McLoughlin is extremely adept at big chunky stand-up with an interesting moral core. We outline his journey from an angry young man who either needed “a hug or a slap”, through the transformative effects of both being onstage and getting proper therapy, to a towering performer with gigs at the Palladium, Sydney Opera House and the Royal Albert Hall under his belt.  We also discover his conscious effort to maintain eye contact; how he became more reliable to bookers; and whether tall people come across as angry when they’re just animated…

25 mins of extra content available exclusively to the Insiders Club includes Sean’s reaction to sharing a name with one of the most famous people on the internet; and advice for comics starting tour support, which Sean has done at the highest level, from Sydney Opera House to the Royal Albert Hall, in service of comics like Bill Burr, Katherine Ryan and Ricky Gervais.

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Edinburgh Fringe: Pleasance Beneath, 19:55


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Edinburgh Fringe: Monkey Barrel, 13:25 (4-11th only) 


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