226: Cody Rigsby Debuts on 'Dancing With The Stars' plus our interview with Gabby Brauner

We do a deep dive on Week #1 of Dancing With The Stars.

John Mills joins us to discuss People Magazine's Sexiest Peloton Instructor.

We hit the highlights of John Foley's Goldman Sachs' conference.

Dr. Jenn - Getting back into a routine following an injury and/or depression.

Peloton looks to expand to hotels and other commercial spaces.

Shape Magazine writes about Peloton Yoga.

PopSugar has the best scenic rides.

Morning Brew sings the praises of the Peloton app for the cost-conscious. 

Peloton wins round #1 with Mad Dogg.

Angelo joins us to discuss what exactly is metabolism?

Well And Good writes about Mariana Fernandez.

The Matty/Jess prank war rages on.

Review Journal sits down with Jess King.

Robin Arzon talks to WBEZ about how to change careers.

Selena Samuela has a special HIIT workout for Well And Good.

Robin Arzon joined Tunde for an IG Live.

SPEAK presents an IG Live series with Tunde and Mel Robbins.

Becs Gentry, Susie Chan, Jermain Johnson had an IG Live on 9/23.

Also Becs Gentry and Matty Maggiacomo had an IG Live about the Tread on 9/23.

Yoga Journal had a live chat with Chelsea Jackson Roberts.

Adrian has a new signature class - Bootcamp Thunder 45.

Mirror founder Brynn Putnam steps down as CEO.

SoulCycle enters the "artist series" fray.

Beachbody delays the release of BODi.

Hydrow gets funding from Lizzo and Justin Timberlake.

Birthdays - Leanne Hainsby (9/28) and a belated happy birthday to Erik Jager (9/19)

All this plus our interview with Gabby Brauner!

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