223: Three New Peloton Tread Instructors plus our interview with Natalie Oven

Analysts are talking down Peloton stock.

John Mills joins us to discuss the future of Peloton wearables.

Dr. Jenn - Adjusting workouts during perimenopause. 

We have new instructors - Daniel McKenna, Kristen Ferguson & Marcel Dinkins

Peloton surprised people with visits from their favorite instructors.

Christine D'Ercole is trying on wedding dresses.

Kendall pens a touching tribute to a fallen soldier/fan she never met.

Chelsea Jackson Roberts shares stretching yoga poses with In Style.

PopSugar has a core workout playlist from Emma Lovewell.

Jess Sims, Ally Love, & Cody Rigsby get a quick mention in New York Post.

Tunde pops up in Marie Claire.

Angelo joins us to discuss carb-loading for a triathlon with dietary restrictions.

No live classes in England 9/4-9/13. Is the new studio almost ready?

Shape Magazine writes about Peloton's anti-racism initiative.

There are now subtitles during live classes.

Peloton gets subpoenaed by the DOJ.

We finally know who was behind the Washington Post Peloton account.

All this plus our interview with Natalie Oven.

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