242: Peloton Denies Halting All Production of Bikes and Treads and Our Interview with Jim McCaffrey

John Mills joins us to discuss impending Peloton cost-saving measures.

Peloton dropped from the NASDAQ 100.

Spokane is excited about being featured on a scenic ride.

Afrotech.com writes about how Peloton empowers employees.

The Peloton Blog has tips on developing an instructor mindset.

Marie Claire reviews treadmills.

Angelo joins us with tips for creating consistency.

Jenn Sherman has Covid (but she's doing fine).

People Magazine spotlights Adrian Williams.

Yahoo talks to Kendall Toole.

Shape features Tunde.

Robin Arzon has a contest for her new Masterclass.

Emma Lovewell will be on Live with Kelly & Ryan.

Logan Aldridge has been in the studio rehearsing.

Crystal tries out the new Peloton shoes.

Kristen McGee did an IG Live with Chef Ming Tsai.

Andy Speer and Rebecca Kennedy are switching places.

Matt Wilpers, Jess Sims, and Kirsten Ferguson host an IG Live for new runners.

Birthdays - Ben Alldis (1/22)

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