266: Peloton Cancels An Upcoming Product plus our interview with Ian Wichman

John Mills joins us to discuss Peloton accounts disappearing without a trace.

Harvard Business School asks if Peloton can "push through the pain."

Peloton's new strength device has been canceled.

Dr. Jenn - When the bike has lost its luster. 

Peloton renegotiates $1 billion worth of obligations.

Peloton sweetens employee incentives.

Apple Watch now connects to The Guide and Lanebreak.

Multiple brokerages rate Peloton a "moderate-buy."

Instructors were at Essence Fest.

Susie Chan completed an ultra marathon.

Christine D'Ercole to host a panel at Broadway Con.

Emma Lovewell was featured on Full Time Travel's IG.

Matty Maggiacomo welcomes Pixie Aventura on Out Loud.

Adrian Williams got a new car.

Angelo has tips for finding the caloric balance for weight loss without robbing yourself of fuel.

The latest artist series spotlights David Guetta.

Shape Magazine talks to Tiffani Theissen about her Peloton usage. 

Mashable reviews the Tonal.

Whoop has data on working late.

LG TVs are getting a fitness app.

ICYMI - Arms With Tunde

All this plus our interview with Ian Wichman

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