265: Peloton Halts Roll-Out of 'Invite Friends' Feature plus our interview with Erica McLean

Is Peloton stock set to rebound?

Invite Friends feature rolls out...and then rolls back.

You can now book classes in the studio.

Test classes for The Guide leak online.

Peloton hires Zwifts lead gaming designer.

Business Insider writes about the struggles of Peloton recruiters.

Peloton will be at Essencefest.

Dr. Jenn - Reestablishing a routine.

Sam Yo & Eirk Jager now teach Power Zone classes.

Robin Arzon talks to PopSugar.

Tunde appears on NBC Boston.

Ally Love is featured in the Style section of The Times (UK).

Angelo answers if all sugars are created equal.

The latest artist series features Rush.

All this plus our interview with Erica McLean.

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