251: Ally Love Hits the Pause Button? Plus Our Interview with Joyce Marter

Ally Love takes a break from Peloton.

Selena Samuela's wedding is this weekend.

Daniel McKenna & "mystery woman" make Page Six.

Alex Toussaint to hose the 2022 NewFronts.

Cody Rigsby makes the cover of US Weekly.

Kristen Ferguson talks to Shape Magazine about becoming a mother.

Kendall Toole was featured on the Hurdle podcast.

Marcel Dinkins participated in her first marathon.

Kimmi Mack joins us to discuss what's next for Chase Tucker's Facebook Group.

Dr. Jenn - Making peace with weight gain while strength training.

The Peloton Guide gets an official release date.

Peloton announces a new "strength-based" virtual event.

Barry McCarthy sends a company-wide email outlining his vision.

The Tread gets a pause button.

Angelo has tips for healthy snacks when time is of the essence.

Peloton announces new Artist Series: Reba

We have a past guest update from Ali On The Run.

There are Mother's Day classes for the UK.

Kirsten Ferguson & Robin Arzon team up for Women's History Month.

Birthdays: Becs Gentry (3/27)

All this plus our interview with Joyce Marter!

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