237: It's Bout Time! Peloton Debuts Boxing plus our interview with Rosalyn Arntzen

What constitutes patent infringement when it comes to leggings?

John Mills joins us to discuss Peloton's strength strategies. 

Will the Tread ever be bigger than the Bike?

Dr. Jenn - How to be consistent in your workouts.

Peloton welcomes its first adaptive athlete instructor - Logan Aldridge.

Men's Health and Shape both have articles about Logan Aldridge.

Boxing has arrived!

Self has boxing tips for newbies.

Peloton celebrates International Day of Disabilities.

Member Dustin F. shows us hearing accessibility features of Bike+.

Dara Treseder talks with Salesforce about building a community.

Angelo joins us to talk about recovering from our Thanksgiving feast(s).

Daniel McKenna is back.

Kristin McGee talks to The Manual and the Long Island Herald about mindfulness.

We now know when past guest Andolyn Medina will be competing for Miss America.

There's a new artist collaboration with Queen plus an apparel drop.

German instructor Irene Scholz is leaving and has a surprising comment about her exit.

The Boston Globe's advice column has a Peloton question.

All this plus our interview with Rosalyn Arntzen!

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