271: Peloton Makes Major Changes To Live Schedule Plus Our Interview With Melissa Urso

Crystal plans her 800th ride.

John Mills joins us to discuss the Alex Toussaint party.

Connected fitness is growing at a slower rate than pre-pandemic.

Rogue Fitness shows off the beta testing of its AI rep-counting.

Dr. Jenn: Letting go of old goals now that you have new goals.

New Instructor - Assal Arian

Jess Sims joins ESPN's College GameDay.

Matty Maggiacomo makes a special video for Jess Sims' birthday.

Tunde gets a billboard in Midtown.

Aditi Shah got a sneak peek of Netflix's Never Have I Ever.

Hannah Frankson is hosting a singles event at 180 House.

Ally Love to speak at the Kroger Wellness Festival.

Logan Aldridge hosting New York Fashion Week Fashion Revolution.

Cody Rigsby to speak at Alta One: New Horizons.

All-For-One will take place August 19-21.

Peloton debuts a new live schedule.

People are having difficulty booking classes.

Capital One will now have Peloton Bikes in some of their airport lounges.

Peloton finds that Australians didn't skip their exercise during the winter.

You can now get PR's on Lanebreak.

Angelo talks about when you rock at exercise but struggle with nutrition.

Britney Spears shows off her Peloton on IG.

Sebastian Maniscalco has a Peloton.

Crystal was on the Strong By Design podcast.

All this plus our interview with Melissa Urso!

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