249: Apple Watch Integration Finally Rolls Out plus our interview with Kimberly Zingale

Apple Watch integration is rolling out.

All Classes 3/20-22 are now encore. What does that mean?

Peloton now has new class details displayed including muscle groups worked.

John Foley sends a company-wide email about a patent victory.

Foley sells his house in the Hamptons.

Peloton extends their free trial to 100-days.

Peloton offers a $300 discount on Bikes & Treads.

Fitness Flipped, Peloton's official podcast, debuts.

Video Week asks if Peloton will become a content company.

Architectural Digest sings the praises of Pelton Tread.

Peloton countersues NordicTrack.

John Mills joins us to discuss Peloton's attempts to block iFit's imports.

The Peloton class action wage-and-hour suit moves to federal court.

What does Verizon Plus Play mean for Peloton?

Dr. Jenn: How to get your motivation back.

 Robin Arzon becomes the first-ever brand ambassador for GSTQ.

Robin was on the Second Life podcast.

Tunde was featured in Ebony Magazine.

Olivia Amato's IG post for International Women's Day.

CyclingInspire.com ranks the toughest Peloton instructors.

Angelo joins us to talk about how much protein you need while strength training.

The latest Artist Series spotlights Donna Summer.

We have past guest updates from Ali On The Run, Kim Holderness, and Eric Tostrud.

Jenn Sherman and Emma Lovewell have a Women's History Month Power Stack.

Nico Sarani has a 10-minute peace meditation. 

Selena Samuela is wearing orange for National Kidney Month.

Are apparel sales just never NOT happening now?

Birthdays - Sam Yo (3/16), Peloton (3/17)

All this plus our interview with Kimberly Zingale!

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