255. What Do Price Hikes Mean for Peloton's Future? plus our interview with Clint Harp

John Mills joins us to discuss Peloton's price hikes.

iFit is turning the Boston Marathon into content.

Dr. Jenn - Keeping your cool when kids interrupt.

Jess Sims ran her first marathon...and it was Boston.

Tunde was interviewed by Brooke Shields.

Alex Toussaint spoke at Joint Base Andrews.

Ross Rayburn's dog has a cool adoption story.

Emma Lovewell shows what happens between classes.

Multiple instructors were spotted at Coachella.

Angelo talks about the best times to rev up your metabolism.

There are some interesting new job postings from Peloton.

The New York Times writes about people "breaking up" with Peloton.

The U.S. government spent $220 on Peloton equipment.

Apple TV now supports the Apple Watch for Peloton classes.

Peloton debuts its Rock 22 challenge.

Sam Yo does an IG Live with Def Leppard.

We have some past guest updates revolving around the Boston Marathon.

There is new Mother's Day Merch...but is it new?

New classes for The Guide.

Christine D'Ercole has a new reflection ride.

Selena Samuela has a Tread Boot Camp.

Birthdays - John Foley (4/28)

All this plus our interview with Clint Harp!

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