229: Rebecca Kennedy & Andy Speer make it 'Facebook Official' plus our interview with Marcy Bullock

Rigsby returns to the ballroom on DWTS.

Rebecca Kennedy & Andy Speer are Instagram-official.

Olivia Amato partners with Puma.

Shape Magazine talks to Olivia Amato.

The Lily spotlights Robin Arzon.

Robin Arzon makes the cover of Parents Latina.

Susie Chan gives us a video guide to Tread workouts.

Ocean Drive features Camila Ramon.

Dr. Jenn - What to do when you're ashamed of your Peloton stats?

You can now get text updates from Peloton.

Peloton now limits the number of profiles account holders can create.

The Fall schedule has been released.

John Foley drops by a Peloton store and helps the sales team.

Maid on Netflix was created by a Peloton member - Stephanie Land.

Peloton partners with David Jones department stores in Australia.

KeyCorp changes Peloton's stock price target.

Angelo joins us to discuss the best sugar substitute.

Past guest updates on CJ Albertson, Howie Godnick, Susie Beris, and Paul Bradley.

Peloton teams up with Usher for dance cardio.

Tonal teams up with Lebron James.

Connected Fitness companies are launching IPOs to mixed results.

There's a new artist series with Bad Bunny (Again).

Sundays With Love is back.

Birthdays - past instructor Steven Little (10/18)

All this plus our interview with Marcy Bullock!

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