239: The Year in Peloton: What Worked and What Didn't plus our interview with Josh Amerson & Stacie Platt

John Mills and Bill Cynecki join us to recap Peloton's 2021 and speculate about 2022.

Dr. Jenn - Balancing fitness challenges with family commitments. 

We have a new German tread instructor - Jeffrey McEachern.

DC Rainmaker reviews the Tread.

Peloton Yoga turns 3...kinda.

Morning Brew talks to a successful Peloton investor.

Angelo joins us to discuss if reverse dieting is a thing.

Glorious Sport spotlights various Peloton instructors.

Ben & Leanne are working with Mazda.

Kirsten Ferguson was on the Hurdle podcast.

Jess Sims has tips on mountain climbers.

Women's Health has instructor recommendations for various moods.

The Peloton Prophet has a prediction for your Apple Watch.

Peloton had all sorts of clues hinting at the Taylor Swift artist series.

The Annual Challenge returns for 2022.

Andy Speer launches Total Strength 2.

Peloton Apparel is having a year-end sale.

All this plus our interview with Josh Amerson & Stacie Platt!

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