243: What Takeover Rumors Mean for the Future of Peloton plus our interview with Victor Cornejo

Activist investor wants John Foley out.

John Mills joins us to discuss the Peloton acquisition rumors.

Dr. Jenn - Minimizing your big "but."

Alex Toussaint's Ride To Greatness Season 2 has begun.

Nico Sarani is now doing one class per month in English.

Susie Chan is hosting the UK's National Running Show.

Peloton instructors have tips for keeping your resolutions.

Chelsea Jackson Roberts presented at Bumble Alumni.

Angelo joins us to talk about how when you eat can affect weight gain/loss.

Another fictional character dies on a Peloton.

The Wall Street Journal podcast talks about Peloton's wild ride.

DigiTImes Asia reports that component suppliers are seeing shipments to Peloton frozen.

Peloton hires a Compliance VP.

Peloton Apparel wins an award.

Jayvee Nava wins an award.

Stephen Colbert manages to combine Peloton and Peppa Pig.

Past guest update from Mae Sakharov.

Robin has an Encanto ride (and yoga).

Jeffrey McEarchern now has classes with English subtitles. 

Andy Speer debuts Peloton's first 60-minute strength class.

There are new artist collaborations with Joni Mitchell and Eminem.

Birthdays - Logan Aldridge (1/25), Kendall Toole (1/28)

All this plus our interview with Victor Cornejo!

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