238: Unpacking the 'Sex And The City' Flap plus our interview with Brittany Allen

John Mills joins us to discuss the Sex And The City controversy.

Peloton stock takes a hit after SATC.

Ryan Reynolds helps Peloton craft a response.

Peloton competitors try (and fail) to get snarky with Peloton.

The New York Times asks if Peloton can sue HBO.

Canadian news channel CP24 talks to Crystal.

Dr. Jenn - 

The Strive Score is now available on the app.

John Foley's lavish holiday party gets lambasted. 

Foley responds to rumors of Peloton halting new product development.

The New York Post writes about Howie Godnick.

Business Insider ranks the best company cultures.

Yahoo writes about Peloton's music investment.

Self Magazine spotlights the best treadmills.

iFit announces lay-offs.

Angelo joins us to talk about the best on-the-go breakfasts.

The New York Post spotlights Jess King.

People Magazine has a feature with Robin and Athena.

We have a past guest update from Carey Socol.

We have a new artist collaboration with ABBA and a teaser for the next artist series.

The co-creator of HBOMax's "Sex Lives of College Girls" has a Peloton.

Selena Samuela has a glutes and legs challenge.

Birthdays - Marcel Maurer had a birthday on December 12.

All this plus our interview with

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