219: Ben Alldis and Leanne Hainsby Get Engaged plus our interview with Cathy Huff

Equinox and SoulCycle make vaccines mandatory for studio usage.

John Mills joins us to discuss Seeking Alpha's bullish long-term take on Peloton.

The next earnings call is scheduled for August 26.

Dr. Jenn - How to keep going during a tough workout.

Cody Rigsby address "ButtFart"-gate.

The 3 free months for Tread owners are almost over.

Peloton recommits to being anti-racist.

Peloton is advertising in unique ways with the Yankees.

People Magazine features a woman who transformed herself using only the app.

Angelo joins us to discuss the best way to change habits.

Ally Love got married last weekend.

Callie Gullickson also got married last weekend.

Ben & Leanne are engaged.

Jayvee Nava also got engaged.

Hannah Frankson's mom was name Cancer Nurse of the Year.

Robin Arzon posted pics from a new Peloton photo shoot.

Peloton released a Golf capsule collection.

Kristin McGee did an IG Live with Venus Williams.

Lots of birthdays this week - Alex Toussaint (8/6), Olivia Amato (8/8), Christine D'Ercole (8/11)

All this plus our interview with Cathy Huff.

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