225: Peloton Launches the London Studio plus our interview with Claire Werner

John Mills joins us to discuss the latest Apple Fitness announcements.

Jayvee Nava was featured in Ad Week.

Buzzfeed asks, "Will Cody Rigsby be the first "internet star" to become mainstream?"

Tonal now has live classes.

Dr. Jenn - Preventing a splurge spiral.

Details on Peloton's new apparel line.

The London studio is open for business.

Record Industry revenue is up and Peloton played a role.

Outside Business Journal writes about Peloton's impact on diversity in the industry.

What are Cody Rigsby's chances of winning Dancing With The Stars?

Bustle has tips on dressing as your favorite Peloton instructor for Halloween.

Peloton expands further into corporate wellness.

Peloton has been scouting North Carolina for manufacturing sites.

John Foley will participate in the Goldman Sachs Communacopia Conference.

Financial Post talks to William Lynche about Peloton becoming the biggest fitness brand in the world.

PopSugar has the best 2000s themed rides.

Angelo answers if alcohol has a nutritional impact beyond additional calories.

The new instructors all now have groups.

Jermain Johnson's first official Peloton video.

Alex Toussaint is voicing a Google Nest.

Robin Arzon is on the Meditative Story podcast.

Adrian Williams was on the Hurdle podcast.

Robin Arzon to host the Poderistas - Latinas Making A Difference summit.

Self Magazine talks to Jess King about Hispanic Heritage Month.

Chelsea Jackson Roberts hosts Wanderlust Fest.

Chelsea also pops up on the UK site Stylist with meditation tips.

Daniel McKenna and Chase Tucker team up for a new video.

Yahoo compares the new SoulCycle home bike to Peloton.

The latest artist series features Ed Sheeran.

Peloton celebrates Latin Heritage Month.

Birthdays - Anna Greenberg (9/18), Robin Arzon (9/20)

All this plus our interview with Claire Werner!

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