222: Peloton Launches a Price War! plus our interview with Jennifer Barker

The Peloton Tread is back!

A Peloton delivery van gets carjacked.

Rower stories were everywhere last week. (yawn)

Karina Kogan was featured in Ad Week.

John Mills joins us to discuss the earnings call.

Peloton drops the price of the bike.

Dr. Jenn - When your 117-week Peloton streak is in jeopardy.

Robin Arzon talks about her new children's book.

Tunde headlines the Impact Leadership Conference.

Real Simple has hamstring exercises with help from Matty Maggiacomo.

Alex Toussaint visits Greece.

Cody Rigsby partners with Capital One.

Freelance writer Alan Ilagan makes Cody is "Dazzler of the Day."

Ally Love has been taking advantage of Facebook's Audio Rooms.

Sonos introduces its Wild Tracks campaign and features Emma Lovewell.

Angelo lets us know if any of the nutrition bars are actually good for you.

David Goggins loves his Peloton.

The latest artist series features Eric Church.

Hannah Corbin has six new foam-rolling classes.

Anna Greenberg's yoga series is back - Cultivate Courage.

Birthdays - Kristin McGee (8/31)

All this plus our interview with Jennifer Barker!

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