253: Ben Alldis' Cancer Battle plus our interview with Josh Vernon

John Mills joins us to discuss the launch of Peloton Guide.

Ben Alldis opens up about his cancer journey.

Christine D'Ercole talks to Brides.com about what love looks like.

Jeffrey McEachern has a special Spotify playlist.

We have a round-up of Guide reviews from Wired, Wall Street Journal, CNET, and more.

Engadget sings the praises of Lanebreak.

Select Marriott hotels now offer in-room Pelotons.

John Foley falls off of the Forbes list of billionaires.

Apple Fitness releases a post-partum workout program.

There are new outdoor runs and Yoga classes from Germany.

Peloton released some classes for the Grammy's but not really. (wink, wink)

Feel Good Fam has new merch from Luxe And Hazel.

All this plus our interview with Josh Vernon!

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