227: Cody, Covid, and Week #2 of DWTS plus our interview with Joey Ruggero

John Mills joins us to discuss Cody Rigsby & Week #2 of DWTS.

There will be no live classes from October 10-12.

Last week's Tread conversation had technical issues so they tried again on 9/30.

CNN writes about Peloton's apparel launch.

The Daily Mail reports on the apparel launch in Australia.

Triathlete.com talks about how Peloton is focusing on diversity.

The Today Show profiles a woman who lost 100 lbs with her Peloton.

Digiday spotlights Dara Treseder.

Marketscale (with help from Crystal) reports on Peloton's new focus on hotels.

The Tread is now live in Germany.

Christin D'Ercole's remodeling efforts are in Architectural Digest.

Tunde spoke at Princeton

Angelo tackles intuitive eating vs. tracking your diet.

A visit from the Peloton Prophet has info on the Rower, the future of Tread+, Peloton Guide, and more!

Germany gets a new instructor - Tobias Heinze.

iFit is hoping for a Peloton-sized IPO.

We have yet another company trying to be the "next Peloton" - Wahoo.

Echelon is trying to beat a Peloton world record. (insert eye-roll emoji)

Kevin Hart invests in Hydrow.

Peloton partners up with 007.

The "You Get To" Crew and Thrive Causemetics donates to Breonna Taylor Memorial.

All this plus our interview with Joey Ruggero!

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