250: Chase Tucker Exits! Did Class Ratings Play Role? plus our interview with Nicole Ward

Peloton is selling refurbished bikes.

Peloton is testing subscription model pricing.

Members with over 15,000-minutes in 2021 are getting a "special gift."

Peloton is making new work arrangements available for employees.

Morgan Stanley declares Peloton is the "clear leader" in connected fitness.

Peloton hires a new Supply Chain Officer.

Goldman Sachs looks to renegotiate loans made to John Foley.

PC Mag reviews Lanebreak.

Dara Treseder spoke at SXSW.

InsideHigherED.com talks about Peloton's ranking system and lessons to learn from Peloton.

John Mills joins us to discuss Bernstein's new Peloton valuation.

Forbes thinks Peloton could be an acquisition target.

Apple Fitness adds features to increase accessibility.

Dr. Jenn - How to get your energy back.

Chase Tucker is leaving Peloton.

Shape Magazine spotlights Cody Rigsby's recovery tips.

Robin Arzon was on the Second Life podcast.

Aditi Shah is now a Puma ambassador.

Bradley Rose once auditioned for a Spider-man film.

Bradley Rose is working on a "secret project."

Shape magazine interviews Bradley Rose.

Kendall Toole partners up with Spiritual Gangster.

Jermain Johnson is going on vacation.

PopSugar spotlights Emma Lovewell's Crush Your Core.

Daniel McKenna prepared everyone for St. Patrick's Day with Irishisms.

Susie Chan was featured in Runners World.

Angelo has tips for factoring in fiber with your fitness goals.

Peloton has two new Artist Series with Helen Fischer and Karol G.

We have a past guest update from Andrea Barber.

Anna Greenberg and Christine D'Ercole had special IG posts for Women's History Month.

Peloton Apparel is looking for members to share their favorite instructor quotes.

Peloton-branded Apple Watch bands were available...briefly.

Jasmin Paris becomes the first woman to win the Barkley Marathon's "Fun Run."

All this plus our interview with Nicole Ward!
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