257: Tunde's New Book Is Released plus our interview with Jillian Curwin Description

John Mills is back to talk about the upcoming earnings call.

FitOn launches a celebrity-based fitness app.

Dr. Jenn - How to balance the bike, tread, and recovery.

Shape and USA Today profile Tunde in support of her new book.

Joslyn Thomspon Rule is now a Tread Bootcamp instructor.

Aditi Shah was on the South Asian Trailblazers podcast.

Emma Lovewell was featured on Mind Body Green, Global Circulate, and Pop Sugar.

Kirsten Ferguson sits down with CafeMom.com.

Robin Arzon talks to Elle about her Holiday Gift Guide.

Cody Rigsby will be a part of PFLAG's Parent Day.

Peloton's YouTube show "On The Leaderboard" is now available as a class.

Lanebreak scores can be higher on Bike+.

Cnet has good things to say about Lanebreak.

Dara Treseder is on the Cannes Lions jury list.

Women's Health Magazine reviews The Guide.

Relevant Magazine discusses the spiritual aspects of Peloton.

Angelo joins us with tips for what to do when what you've been doing stops working.

Jennifer Garner talks to Shape about her IG post with Dr. Chelsea Jackson Roberts.

Rebecca Kenney celebrates 4-years of Tread classes.

Peloton launches a new series to prep you for a 5K.

Peloton has your guide to The Guide.

Anna Greenberg had an IG story about how to take prenatal classes before you've announced.

Peloton 4 Parkison's shattered their fundraising goals.

All this plus our interview with Jillian Curwin!

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