236: Peloton & Lululemon Go to War plus our tribute to Howie Godnick

John Mills joins us to discuss the brewing Peloton/Lululemon War.

Dr. Jenn – Finding the right intensity balance.

Jess Sims has tips for working out with your dog.

PDX Monthly interviews Hannah Corbin.

Selena Samuela is back on the tread!

Yahoo spotlights Robin Arzon.

Robin has started her 3 For 31 challenge.

Kirra Michel has a 21 Days of Meditation challenge.

Ally Love is a featured guest at the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater benefit gala.

Susie Chan was on RunPod.

We have three new German instructors – Mila Lazar, Benny Adami, and Charlotte Weidenbach.

Angelo joins us to discuss if water additives like Crystal Light do more harm than good.

John Foley will be at CES 2022.

The latest Artist Series is with AC/DC.

Peloton Apparel has 7 Days of Surprises in store.

Cyclist asks if spin classes are good for cyclists.

Birthdays – Tunde (12/5)

All this plus we pay tribute to the Poet Laureate of Peloton – Howie Godnick.

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