240: New Year Challenges from Robin Arzon, Ben Alldis, and Callie plus our interview with Keith Dyke

There's a new bike called Capti and John Mills has questions.

Dr. Jenn - Structuring your 2022 goals.

Bloomberg writes about Strava vs. Peloton when it comes to loyalty.

LG TVs offer the Peloton app and a visit to the doctor.

Angelo joins us to talk about low glycemic index eating plans.

The Today Show has 9 inspirational quotes from Peloton instructors.

Rad Lopez was on Good Day New York.

Shape Magazine talks to Camila Ramon.

Becs Gentry was on the Hurdle podcast.

InStyle talks to multiple Peloton instructors about how to stick to your resolutions.

Daniel McKenna has a new puppy.

Rebecca Kennedy and Andy Speer put together a special Spotify playlist.

The Evening Standard spotlights Peloton alternatives.

The latest artist series features The Doors.

Peloton wants you to try different instructors.

Callie Gullickson has a boot camp challenge.

Robin Arzon is doing a January strength stack.

Ben Alldis has a January challenge.

There's a new apparel drop.

Past guest Zach Honig got engaged.

Birthdays - Adrian Williams (01/09), Hannah Frankson (01/11)

All this plus our interview with Keith Dyke!

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