235: Are People Abusing the High-Five? plus our interview with Bridget Nieves

Are people abusing the high-five?

John Mills joins us to discuss Echelon camouflaging their bikes.

Dr. Jenn - The best ways to push yourself.

Cody Rigsby comes in 3rd on Dancing With The Stars.

DWTS fans were frustrated with Peloton fans.

Cody talked to Kelly Clarkson about his early battles with homelessness.

Robin Arzon tells Insider.com that she's not trying to "bounce back."

Little Tikes makes a Peloton knockoff for kids and people aren't happy.

GQ Australia reviews the bike.

Angelo from Metpro tells us the top 5 protein snacks for after workouts

CMC Markets asks if Peloton stock can rebound.

Nordictrack blocks access to Netflix.

Peloton Apparel is having a Black Friday sale.

The latest artist series features The Beatles.

Happy birthday to Bradley Rose (11/22) and Jenn Sherman (12/1).

All this plus our interview with Bridget Nieves!

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