258: Jess King Is Pregnant, Earnings Call Turmoil, And Our Interview With Holli Houston

John Mills joins us to recap the earnings call.
Peloton seeks a minority investor.
Dr. Jenn - Balancing cross-training schedule and holding yourself accountable.
Jess King is pregnant.
Cody Rigsby hosted the GLADD Awards.
Tunde was on the Tamaron Hall Show.
Coveteur.com sits down with Tunde.
Tunde will host a panel for Revlon.
Homecoming will feature multiple virtual member meet-ups.
Peloton releases a new commercial.
Peloton Radio is here.
We now have pictures of the inside of The Guide.
Angelo has tips for maintaining discipline during the weekend.
iFit beats Peloton's advertising lawsuit.
Yahoo writes about what Lulu Lemon can learn from Peloton.
There's a Homecoming Apparel Sales event.
The latest artist series features Yo-Yo Ma.
Birthdays - The Clip Out (5/14), Matty Maggiacomo (5/16)
All this plus our interview with Holli Houston!

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