224: Cody Rigsby to Join 'Dancing With The Stars' plus our interview with Michele Kerulis

Cody Rigsby to compete on ABC's 'Dancing With The Stars.'

John Mills joins us to discuss Peloton's drop in app usage.

Dr. Jenn -  When the athlete you want to be isn’t the athlete you actually are.

Olivia Amato is rumored to be engaged.

Kendall Toole talks to Extra about her famous fans.

Shape Magazine features Robin Arzon's motherhood recovery.

Shape also spotlights Emma Lovewell's 80-mile ride for cancer research.

Aditi Shah is featured in Vogue India.

Jess Sims, Alex Toussaint, Aditi Shahs, and Tunde are up for AIA Awards.

Ally Love was spotted at the U.S. Open.

Sloane Stevens talks to PopSugar about mental health.

Peloton launches a dedicated Instagram for their apparel.

Peloton UK officially launches on September 14.

Yahoo Sports writes about the best Peloton accessories. 

Wall Street Journal thinks poorly of Peloton stock.

While Motley Fool (this week) thinks highly of Peloton stock.

Angelo joins us to help figure out if being a vegetarian is the best source of energy and achieving your fitness goals.

Bloomberg writes about Peloton's anti-racism commitments. 

Peloton & Spotify celebrate the 30th anniversary of Metallica's Black album with a metal ride.

Instagram now has a live shopping feature and Peloton will be one of the first users.

Hannah Corbin has a birthday on September 10.

All this plus our interview with Michele Kerulis!

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