218: Peloton's Marketing Spend Reaches New Highs plus our interview with Katrina Sophia

Echelon partners up with Disney's Jungle Cruise.

John Mills joins us to discuss the return of Eric Villancy.

Checking in on how connected fitness companies measure up on social media.

Beachbody unveils their new bike.

Dr. Jenn - When you don't think your best is "good enough."

GQ writes about Cody Rigsby's rise to fame.

Texas News Today covers the same topic in a barely literate fashion.

Jess Sims signs a deal with Nespresso.

Jess Sims shares her favorite stretches with In Style.

 Angelo joins us to discuss how menopause affects your nutrition.

Germany has a new instructor - Marcel Maurer.

Morning Brew has data on Peloton's marketing spend.

Peloton released a new TV commercial.

Peloton CMO sits down with The Drum.

Greatist writes about Rebecca Kennedy and building in rest days.

Breathe In, Speak Up returns.

Birthdays - Jayvee Nava (8/2), Marion Roaman (8/3), Jess Sims (8/5)

All this plus our interview with Katrina Sophia!
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