Chronicled: The History of NUFC | Episode 2: 1881-1892: Newcastle East End move into St. James’ Park

Welcome to Episode 2 of our new series 'Chronicled: The History of NUFC'. Every week Matt Ketchell is joined by Newcastle United's official club historian Paul Joannou to discuss the club's history in chronological order.

For episode 2 the pair are joined by journalist, author and Newcastle fan Paul Brown. Paul contributes regularly to the likes of FourFourTwo, When Saturday Comes and The Blizzard magazines. He's also written a number of books, two of which are very relevant to our series: 'All With Smiling Faces' the story of how Newcastle became United and 'Savage Enthusiasm' which covers the history of football supporters.

The episode covers the momentous era of 1892-1893 when Newcastle East End move into St. James' Park, change their name to United and begin to play in black and white stripes.

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