Chronicled: The history of NUFC | Episode 1: 1881-92 Stanley FC are formed in Byker

Welcome to Episode 1 of our new series 'Chronicled: The History of NUFC'. Every week Matt Ketchell is joined by Newcastle United's official club historian Paul Joannou to discuss the club's history in chronological order.

For episode 1 the pair travel back 140 years to the east end of the city where a group of cricketers have met to discuss forming a team to play in the new 'association code' sweeping the nation. The club they form is Stanley FC. Later they will re-brand as Newcastle East End and in episode 2, Newcastle United. But for now, hear how they started, learn about the people who set up and represented the club in these formative years and follow their nomadic journey around the areas of Byker and Heaton that would eventually lead across the city to a patch of land known as St. James Park.

For further reading on this era, please check out 'Pioneers of the North' by Paul Joannou.

Theme music by Tom Ramsey.

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