12. Don Quixote (w/ guest Chris Ludovici)

It’s our most quixotic episode yet! In that it’s an episode that’s only tangentially about Don Quixote! While Daniel and I get our materials together to tackle Cervantes, I have a talk with Chris Ludovici, author of the novel The Minors, about his experiences with Quixote and the canon.  It’s a little looser than what we usually do, but Chris’ perspective on literature and the meaning of Don Quixote is pretty singular, and even if this is a bit of a digression from the regular path, it was a really good conversation.  You can find Chris’ book on Amazon and pertinent to our discussion is an article he wrote for the Penn Gazette, “The Prodigal Student.” Check it out at http://thepenngazette.com/the-prodigal-student.

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