The BroadExperience 21: 50 Shades of Em & Lo

"We have the independence and freedom of being freelancers but without the fear and horror of being out there on your own."
- Em and Lo

Entrepreneurs - and sex and relationship writers - Em and Lo began working together at in the late '90s. They left the mother ship to form their own 'sex writing empire' (or close enough) in the mid 2000s. Many entrepreneurs are advised to take on at least one partner. These two women did that, and the partnership is still going strong many years (and four children) later. In this show they talk about the advantages of working with a partner, how they suffer from some of the afflictions common to professional women (they may be able to talk openly about sex, but asking for more money from an editor is another matter), how a brand like theirs has to evolve as they, and their kids, get older, and why their music teacher's husband can't look them in the eye. For information regarding your data privacy, visit