Episode 141: When I'm 85 - an interview with Madeleine Kunin

A few years ago I spoke to former Vermont governor Madeleine Kunin for a show called Politics is Power. When I took some of her career advice and wrote it up in a LinkedIn post, it got hundreds of (positive) comments. So when I heard she had a new memoir out about being in her eighties, I couldn't wait to talk to her again. In this show we discuss what it's like to officially be an old woman, and talk about some of the highs and lows of reaching your eighties. We discuss how she's changed as a person and go back in time to her childhood, to parts of her career, and to the time she became single again at 60 after years of marriage. She found love again at 71. Being 85, she says, 'is not what I pictured in my mind.'

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