Dawn French (Classic Blank Ep 45)

In celebration of reaching 150 episodes, today we're bringing you a classic Blank episode from the archive

Dawn French is a British actor, comedian, and writer. Her partnership with Jennifer Saunders, which began in the early '80s has produced multi-award-winning sketch shows for the BBC and made them household names.

She has been a successful actor in her own right starring in comedy shows like The Vicar of Dibley and dramas such as Delicious for Sky Arts. Dawn is also a prolific writer and has had several bestselling novels including A tiny Bit Marvellous and her ME/YOU Diary.

We met up with Dawn on a crisp autumn morning at Frequency Cafe near Kings Cross, our conversation began with discussing the merits of Gloucester services and the many times we have to stop when we're on the road whilst touring. Dawn spoke about her time moving around as a child because of her Dad's job in the RAF.

We discussed trying to find our thing and when we do making sure we own it. Dawn spoke about the serendipity of meeting her comedy partner Jennifer Saunders, dislike of awards and how blank moments for her need to be face head-on.

*Little warning; the c-word does appear once in this episode so if you have kids listening you may want to use headphones!*