Maddy Anholt

Maddy Anholt is an actress, comedian and writer, having spent a number of years on the UK stand-up circuit, Maddy has regularly performed at Edinburgh Fringe, her latest show being How to Train Your Psychopath, and show she is now adapting into a book and several other projects. She Appeared and co-write the award nominated short film 'Kelly' and has made numerous TV appearances on This Morning, various panel shows and has written for BBC Radio 4, BBC Three and also Warner Bros.

We spoke to Maddy just a couple of weeks after she had moved to Brighton, having spent many years living in central London, we discussed how the change came about and the difference it will make to her life going forwards.

Maddy tells us about her latest show 'How to Train Your Psychopath' and its origins coming from some difficult relationships she's had in the past and we all have a go at expressing our thoughts out loud

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