The Big Interview Presents... Fathers

Hello there!

Today is Father’s Day… on The Big Interview, at least. Yes, our latest clip show is dedicated to the men who mean the most to many of our guests from Season Two, who kept them on the straight and narrow, and who shared in their football successes.

We begin with Mark Noble, the West Ham captain who phones his dad every morning on the way to training just to talk football. It is during those very chats that Mark is often reminded how lucky he is to play for the team he supported as a boy.

Jonny Evans and Peter Crouch also grew up with parental guidance, with Peter’s dad going the extra mile by introducing his son to the Coerver Method, while Steve McManaman revels in cherished childhood memories of going to matches with his dad.

Chris Sutton and Alex McLeish both recall that their fathers favoured the tough love approach. And Benni McCarthy admits that he might have joined one of the deadly gangs he grew up around in South Africa, had it not been for the fear of what his dad would do to him if he did.

But we leave it to Macca to have the final word in this clip show, as he explains how he ran to celebrate in front of his dad after scoring in a Champions League final. 




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