Simon Stainrod: Mavericks - from Currie to Cantona

Last season, our Socios at got an exclusive interview with Simon Stainrod. For the first time, here’s the full episode.

The term ‘maverick’ is overused in football, but my pal Simon genuinely does it justice. As a lad, he was inspired by watching elegant heroes like George Best who managed to thrive on the battlefields of the 1960s and 70s. This striker of many clubs even got to play alongside a couple of them: Tony Currie – a man of immense courage and physical strength, and Jimmy ‘Jinky’ Johnstone, who no matter how many times he was kicked, just kept getting back up. Simon speaks about the joy, artistry and daring with which football should be played, and the joy it should provide for the fans. And if you want to hear how he tried to persuade Howard Wilkinson NOT to sign Eric Cantona… then listen in.

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